From my perspective, determinism denies the existence of altruism. If someone commits an act of kindness solely in the name of YHWH then they’re committing their acts for the sake of YHWH’s love, (which feels good), and for the sake of gaining eternal happiness in Heaven. As far as I’m concerned this is fundamentally selfishness. If somebody does volunteer work because it feels good then they’re essentially motivated by selfishness, because they’re only volunteering for the pleasant emotional gain. Or, on those occasions that people commit seemingly random acts of kindness I perceive their actions as a fulfillment of a whimsical yearning which is basically selfishness.

                I can’t make sense of truly doing something without some form of personal benefit. Hard determinism dictates that there has to be a reason for every event. This leads me to the conclusion that everything that people do they essentially do because to some degree they either want or need to. A person is therefore incapable of committing an act that does not serve him or herself in some shape or form for it would defy the laws of cause and effect unless there is some unseen or incomprehensible force driving people to do otherwise. (Eg. A powerful, manipulative deity).

                Ultimately, I think that the raw nature of this world is akin to a business. One person won’t give something to another unless there is something to be gained in doing so.  I don’t think consciousness is required for business to occur. Business is just a term that humans use to describe the nature of human interaction.  I percieve business as a method of understanding every occurrence in the universe. Whether it be people or atoms. Atoms won’t interact or join with other atoms unless an atomic reaction occurs which is kind of like a molecular deal or trade.