I'm not sure if I'd call myself a philosophical thinker, but I'm definately a thinker of sorts. I'm guilty of resorting to experience, observation and logic rather than scientific evidence. Not that I have anything against scientific evidence. However, the things I think about are often without scientific evidence, or at least without a significant qauntity of it and so I am left to my conclusions based on experience, observation and logic. 


          Much of my musings involve the law of cause and effect. In order for any of my arguments to even remotely make sense I must briefly explain why I believe in the law of cause and effect. First off, despite being dubbed a law, cause and effect is still essentially a theory. The reason for this is that science cannot prove that every known effect in the universe has a cause. However, there is still a large qauntity of scientific evidence and an abundance of experience and observation to support the validity of cause and effect.  


        Take for example the basics of an internal combustion engine. An air/fuel mixture enters the combustion chamber, the spark ignites the air/fuel mixture, the combustion forces the piston upwards which in turn drives the crank shaft. Now of course, there are many more factors at play, but I'm trying to keep it simple. It's not just science, it's sheer common sense that the air/fuel mixture would never have combusted without the spark. And without the combustion the piston would not be forced upwards and the crank shaft wouldn't be driven by the piston. And so the fact that the spark lead to the combustion is simple evidence of cause and effect.


       Most people however don't have an issue with understanding the world we live in through cause and effect. Where the debate often lies is how much of the world is run by cause and effect. Many understand things like physics, mathamatics and chemistry through recognizing the correlation between cause and effect, but people seem to have a harder time percieving biology, or more specifically neurology, in the same way. Most believe in a cause and effect correlation between the heart beating and the blood pumping, but for a lot of people the incredibly complex brain seems to be where the belief in cuase and effect comes to an end. I believe that the brain is apart of the causal chain and I've written out my arguments for that belief on this site.


          I hope you will find my thoughts to be thought provocative and perhaps even enlightening for that is why I  have posted them. If you take an interest in this site please pass along the link to anyone you feel may also benefit from reading it. If you have any comments or questions for me then you can contact myself at joenoshow@gmail.com.